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3 Mindset Shifts Course Creators Need to Make Right Now

If you want to achieve success in course creation and training—both for yourself and your clients—then it’s time to start thinking about things differently. There are so many narratives in the course creator and online course community that have misled serious entrepreneurs and exploited consumers who have a desire to learn and grow.

These three mindset shifts will help course creators produce higher quality and effective online courses and learning experiences, setting them apart in an increasingly crowded space.

Dominant Mindset

More Is Better

New Mindset

Bigger Impact with Less

The #1 mistake new course creators and trainers make is doing too much. They focus on quantity over quality. They equate higher value with more content, more assets, more goals, and so on. Rarely is ‘more’ the best answer, especially in learning.

In learning, depth is typically better than breadth.

Depth means exposing learners to fewer concepts but in greater detail. While breadth is exposure to many concepts but at a higher level.

A program that focuses on depth (specific competencies in detail), helps learners develop mastery of certain knowledge and skills, develop their critical thinking skills, and better retain and apply what they’ve learned. As they master competencies, they can continue to incrementally build their capacity by mastering new skills and acquiring new knowledge.

Not only is this a better approach for learners. But it’s also a strategic business move for you. You can create comprehensive programs, let people bundle courses, and create more upselling moments for your business.

Ditch the desire to create more “stuff.” And put your expertise on display with focused, in-depth learning experiences that help people develop mastery incrementally.

Dominant Mindset

My Expertise Only Matters

New Mindset

How I Teach Matters

The field of instructional design exists for a reason—there is science and theory behind how people learn. You can be the leading expert on a subject, but if you can’t teach it, people won’t learn it.

You must be able to balance the what and the how to be successful at helping others learn.

Subject matter experts (SMEs) generally solely focus on their domains, solving problems within their fields and continuing to add to the body of knowledge in that field. Which is why many SMEs aren’t well versed in learning theory and how best to teach others what they know and have mastered themselves.

SMEs who want to teach should spend time learning how people learn and marrying that with what they already know. Start by getting familiar with these adult learning principles.

Shift from the “I know it all” mindset and learn how people learn to really help them absorb and apply everything you teach them.

Check out this article, 5 Adult Learning Principles, to learn more about these principles in detail.

Dominant Mindset

I Want To Succeed

New Mindset

I Want to Help People Succeed

The real, real—a lot of course creators desire to succeed ahead of helping their clients succeed. They create online courses or programs to make money, increase their influence, create the freedom they’ve always wanted. And that’s cool; do you.

But this is a limiting mindset.

Of course, as entrepreneurs, a passion for what you do is crucial. Learning is all about helping people develop and grow. If that doesn’t excite you or motivate you, you’re limiting your success as a course creator or trainer.

Investing in people is the key here. When your clients succeed, you succeed. When you create value for them, they create value for you. They become loyal, they’ll be your biggest advocates and cheerleaders. They are the drivers of your success.

If you’re in the online course game, shift from what you want or don’t have to what you can do for people. Your successes will follow, and they will be long-lasting.