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The future of Online courses is here.

The business of online courses has been booming since 2020 (for obvious reasons). And today, the online course market is facing a correction.

Today’s online course consumers expect more. They expect you to demonstrate your expertise, engage and interact with them, and design training that gets them real tangible results. Consumers are weeding out online course products and businesses that are taking shortcuts, and looking to invest in proven solutions and lasting relationships.

Are you making the cut?

Jyllene is the founder of CourCEO, teaching others how to create effective online courses.

Hi, I'm Jyllene.

I believe the massive growth of online courses and independent course creators is an exciting time for alternative education and online businesses. I also believe that, as industry professionals, we need to use our expertise to develop and enforce standards to maintain credibility and quality control in our field.

I created COURCEO to help course creators steer their online course businesses toward success by:

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for done-for-you templates or get-rich-quick schemes, keep moving. This space is for people who want to learn and grow, not be spoon-fed solutions.

My Principles

Creating Effective Online Courses

There are some things you should know about me before you check out my content. I take training and education seriously. And I believe course creators must adhere to these 10 principles to create effective online courses.

  • 1
    Have a source of true subject matter expertise, whether drawing on their own experiences or partnering with a SME.
  • 2
    Prioritize the needs and goals of their learners, providing support, feedback, and opportunities for meaningful engagement.
  • 3
    Create high-quality original content that is up-to-date and relevant.
  • 4
    Be innovative and think beyond the screen, incorporating real-life touch points and interactive elements into their courses.
  • 5
    Create a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone.
  • 6
    Be effective facilitators who can facilitate problem-solving discussions, provide guidance, and help people make informed decisions in-the-moment.
  • 7
    Avoid shortcuts that compromise course quality, like using AI-generated content or copy-and-paste templates, neglecting interaction and engagement, and ignoring accessibility and inclusivity.
  • 8
    Consider how to provide continuous value through strategic program design, like skill stacking.
  • 9
    Be willing to learn and continuously improve.
  • 10
    Be transparent in pricing models and avoid sleazy marketing tactics.

Course Creation Basics

Start here if you’re new to creating online courses or looking to get started.

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